Welcome to the new Website!!!

After a long hiatus, the new website is completed. The core site is constructed now but you will still see some stuff from the old site, and this will be updated over time. My big push was to get the main site online and in a position where I could start updating rather than re-building. The new site is much more up to speed in terms of not only how it works, but also how information can be conveyed. With this site, I can make updates from any computer, and from my phone. This should allow it to stay much more “fresh” than in the past. In conjunction with the new website, we are also going to begin using Facebook so be sure to click on the button at the bottom of the page and “like” Kastens Farms. If you “like” us on Facebook or follow me on twitter, then you will know anytime changes are made to the website or content added.

I’m going to try to use the “blog” format of this site to keep the site updated as well as make new content additions. Eventually, I’ll get much of the photo gallery annotated so that folks know what the heck they are looking at. I’m very excited about this new website as it gives me a lot of functionality that just wasn’t possible even five years ago. From live weather station feeds, improved photo/media management, google calendar integration, and the ability to put “live” content on it.

This site will continue to evolve over time so please don’t hesitate to send me any questions, comments, and/or suggestions you might have.